Configuring the DatabaseΒΆ

UForge uses the MariaDB database to store all the UForge meta-data and user information. The web service communicates with the database using hibernate. When installing UForge using the deployment wizard, one database instance is configured.


By default no mechanism is configured to backup the contents of the UForge database. MariaDB can be configured as a cluster or in master-slave mode to provide reliability and to have a replicate of the data. Regular backups of the database should also be done.

The MariaDB database has the following basic configuration information that is stored in a central configuration file: uforge.conf. The main configuration attributes for the database are:

  • Administration credential information (user and password)
  • Address of the uforge database host.

When installing UForge via the deployment wizard some of the configuration attributes can be decided by the administrator. The deployment wizard also creates the uforge.conf file with all the configuration information.

If you decide to change database configuration information including the password, then you must also update the auth.conf and uforge.conf files with the correct information on all the nodes of the platform.

To view the uforge.conf or auth.conf files:

  1. Log in to the web service node as root:

    $ ssh root@<ip address of the node>
  2. Open the uforge.conf file or auth.conf files:

    $ vi /etc/UShareSoft/uforge/uforge.conf
    $ vi /etc/UShareSoft/auth.conf
  3. After making appropriate changes in these files, you should run the following command on all the nodes (if multi-node the following order should be respected: compute notes, db nodes, web service nodes):

    $ /opt/UShareSoft/uforge/tools/update_scripts/

For more information on MariaDB, see