Managing Subscription Profiles

A subscription profile defines the roles, OSes, formats the user has access to, in addition to any quotas. Since a subscription code is required to create a user, the UForge administrator must:

  1. Create subscription profiles
  2. Add the organization administrator to the admin list.

To create a subscription profile you must be the UForge administrator.

The subscription command allows you to create, manage and delete user accounts in UForge. Each user command can have mandatory and optional arguments to complete the request.

The subscription target has the following commands:

Subscription_Cmd help
admin                         | Manage subscription profile admins
create                        | Create a new subscription profile within an organization.
delete                        | Delete a subscription profile from an organization.
disable                       | Activates or enables a subscription profile within an organization.
enable                        | Activates or enables a subscription profile within an organization.
help                          | List available commands with "help" or detailed help with "help cmd".
info                          | Get detailed information on a subscription profile within an organization.
list                          | List all the subscription profiles for a given organization. If no
os                            | Manage subscription profile formats
quota                         | Manage subscription profile quotas
role                          | Manage subscription profile roles
targetformat                  | Manage subscription profile target formats
targetplatform                | Manage subscription profile target platforms
update                        | Updates an existing subscription profile.

Creating and Enabling Subscription Profiles

To create a subscription profile you must be a subscription profile administrator. In order to become a subscription profile administrator see Allowing Administrators to Create Users.

There are two steps to adding subscription profiles:

  1. creating the profile
  2. enabling the profile

By default, the subscription profiles you create are not active. You can activate the subscription profile when you create it by using the argument --active. Otherwise, you will need to activate it using the command subscription enable.

You can add the list of administrators that will be allowed to create users by using the argument --admin. If you do not want to define the administrators that will create the users at the same time as you create the subscription profile, you can do so later. See Allowing Administrators to Create Users.

When creating a subscription profile, you can also specify the following:

  • formats (using targetformat and targetplatform)
  • OS
  • quotas
  • roles

If you specify any of the above when you create a subscription profile, then all users created using this subscription profile will have the formats, OSes, quotas and roles defined in the subscription profile.


Once you create a user with a specific subscription profile, even if you modify the subscription profile, the rights of the users already created will not be modified. For example, if profileA used to create UserA has quota set to unlimited. Once UserA is created, you modify the profileA to set quota to 3 generations. UserA will still have quota set to unlimited, but UserB created with the updated profileA will have quota set to 3 generations.

In order to force the changes to apply to all users (even those already created), use the option --allusers. This option can be used for roles, OS and format management in subscription profile. It cannot be used for quota.

  1. To create a subscription profile for an organization, run the command:

    $ uforge subscription create --code <string> --name <string> --org usharesoft --active -u $ADMIN -p $PASS

    The code can be any alphanumeric string, excluding spaces and special characters.

  2. To enable a subscription profile for an organization, run the command:

    $ uforge subscription enable --name <string> --org usharesoft -u $ADMIN -p $PASS

Allowing Administrators to Create Users

In order to create a user, the following are required:

  • The organization Administrator needs to be part of the list of subscription profile administrator. Only users that are part of this list can create user accounts.
  • Subscription profile code. This code must be part of the request to create a user. Only the UForge administrator can create these codes.

When creating subscription profiles, the UForge administrator can add subscription profile administrators. However, they can also be added after the fact, as follows:

$ uforge subscription admin add --admin kermit --name profileA --org usharesoft -u $ADMIN -p $PASS

The argument --admin is the login of the user you want to add as an administrator. This administrator will be able to create users with the subscription profile specified by the argument --name.

Disabling a Subscription Profile

If you no longer want a subscription profile to be used when creating new users, you can either delete or disable the subscription profile. However, we recommend that you simply disable the subscription profile, in order to keep a history of the profile. Regardless of whether you delete or disable the subscription profile, the users created with the associated subscription code will not be deleted or deactivated.

To disable a subscription profile:

$ uforge subscription disable --name profileA -u $ADMIN -p $PASS

If no org is specified, the default organization is used.