Customizing the Portal Text

You can customize the text that appears on the left hand menu of the Portal.


At this time, the text on the left hand menu is the only text that can be customized.

You can modify the text using the dictionary.js file located in: /var/opt/UShareSoft/uforge-client/gwt/uforge/templates/js/directory.

You should note the following syntax rules:

  • escape ” and character
  • use {#} syntax for parameters, follow original constant order, starting at 0
  • For plural syntax suround the parameter by [ and ] at the end of the key, default form (without parameter) is mandatory:
  • none: the count is 0
  • one: the count is 1
  • two: the count is 2
  • few: the last two digits are from 03-10
  • many the last two digits are from 11-99

The default form is used for everything else (for example 101, 202, etc.)


Javascripts are not supported within the dictionary.js file.

To apply the changes you made, run the following command. This will stop Tomcat, integrate the changes and restart Tomcat:

$ /opt/UShareSoft/uforge-client/bin/