Release Date: 2017-01-09

New Features

  • Multi-NIC support for Linux based appliance templates.
  • Driver injection improvements (internal mechanism) for Windows-based appliance templates.

Bug Fixes

  • 6326 Impossible to publish an OpenStack VDI image
  • 6323 Cloud account name appears twice in the public informations in UI for all Cloud formats
  • 6234 Sticky package of imported template is not shown in the UI
  • 6141 User gets a 500 call failed if a custom target platform has been added but not enabled specifically for the user
  • 6042 OS packages are not sortable in the Repository column
  • 6237 Spelling mistakes in the API docs
  • 6222 Format enabling/disabling not working when updating the UI config
  • 6453 Impossible to generate image when install profile contains users
  • 6199 Migration fails because the user ID taken from a scan and user ID that the package makes overlap.
  • 6409 OE-lite can’t fetch QT source file
  • 6206 Filter inactive pkgs on DistributionPackages.getAll() method
  • 6200 Scanning a disabled OS is possible
  • 6190 Scanning an azure vm with advance partitioning : install profile partioning not correct
  • 6180 Errors outputted into /oar/oar_scan_job*.stderr when scanning CentOS 6
  • 6154 Launching windows scan binary from command line with API key does not launch the scan
  • 6134 Pkg overlay archive are built differently if a black box migration is done first or if it’s a scan import to appliance
  • 6309 Several concurrent generations could fail if there are uncached software bundles files in it
  • 6211 Creating a two bootscripts with same name does not show an error message
  • 6194 Japanese Characters are OK to use but encoded incorrectly for Tag and Maintainer fields of a software component
  • 6193 Same rpm file can be uploaded without overwritten to a software component
  • 6178 Errors outputted into /oar/job_finalize.log when generating CentOS image
  • 6169 Total Disk Usage doesn’t count the size of files uploaded to software components
  • 6027 Exported template has lost some information on MySoftware
  • 6346 WARP should skip to inject uforge agent in the specific condition
  • 6327 Scripts are not imported when sharing a template in a Workspace
  • 6057 Yum update error line 660: [: too many arguments
  • 6055 The volume shadow copy is not deleted after scan of Windows.
  • 6007 Code in distrotools/lib/str.[c|h] in function repl_str() cannot compile for windows using mingw c++
  • 6440 Can’t display Projects as guest user
  • 6453 Impossible to generate image when install profile contains users


Release Date: 2016-12-27

New Features

None (released based 3.6-fp2)

Bug Fixes

  • 6537 Removed AMI format for AWS S3
  • 6521 Launching windows scan binary from command line with API key does not launch the scan
  • 6517 Impossible to know which publish image on UForge corresponds to which Image in K5 portal
  • 6515 CentOS 6 images can be accessed with SSH on K5
  • 6513 Validation for K5 publish view is not properly handled
  • 6511 Launching uforge-scan.exe from command prompt still fails if the file path includes Japanese characters
  • 6507 The uforge-install-config binary for windows does not start because does not contain the correct directory structure.
  • 6505 The no_console file is not created for Windows.
  • 6504 Problem with OpenDJ port 4444 usage in several UForge config scripts
  • 6503 The uforge.conf.ORIG contains plain passwords with very weak permission
  • 6502 AWS connector uses a fixed size 3.4 GB disk and publication fails for larger images
  • 6422 Uploading an avatar image twice, the first image is still used
  • 6410 Loading page empty during 5 seconds for the first time in Sofware Library view
  • 5897 If a space is used in cloud accounts in openstack in the URL, then an internal error is observed
  • 5849 Displaying the logo in view package details of a target format is not displayed
  • 6488 Impossible to generate image when install profile contains users
  • 6362 AWS resource connector no longer work due to credential changes
  • 6064 The CLI command org repo update returns exception if --type param value is invalid.
  • 5900 Generation sometimes fails if the second disk of the appliance is too small


Release Date: 2016-12-05

New Features

  • Fujitsu K5 support. Can now register machine images generated on the platform to Fujitsu K5.


    The following operating systems are supported for the moment (others will be supported soon):

    • CentOS 7.0
    • Ubuntu 14.04
  • SELinux support when creating appliance templates and during migration

  • Docker machine image generation support. This allows users to build docker base images.

  • When scanning Windows machines, the scan report now includes the services detected.


    The platform does not support the comparison of windows-based scans at this time.


  • Better progress status when scanning Windows machines
  • Less restrictive validation of website information in the MySoftware/Project Overview
  • New icons for ‘pull’ and ‘upload’ for software/project files management
  • Added directory icon when displaying all the files for software/project files view
  • When deleting a folder, the confirm message should be more explicit (that all sub folders and files will also be deleted)
  • Better explanation of the “cached” option for software/project files in the UI
  • Managing licenses for software/project components; there is now an explicit delet button to remove an uploaded license file

Bug Fixes

  • 6123 Publishing a generation from a scan results in 500 error in UI
  • 6089 Member’s role on workspace couldn’t be changed if language is set as French or Japanese
  • 6017 Canceling from Appliance Create no longer returns to previous page
  • 5946 Publishing to CloudStack fails with the next error: vhd.gz: No such file or directory
  • 5942 RHEL is added despite launching org os add for Oracle Linux or Scientific Linux with cli
  • 5909 User ID and group ID of the install profile can be set 0
  • 5906 UserResourcesAccessRights database mapping not proxied
  • 5896 Deployment fails due to NIC settings
  • 5892 Deployment fails when using eth1
  • 5843 “org category delete” raises an error
  • 5777 Launching uforge-scan.exe from command prompt fails with an error if the file path to the binary includes Japanese characters.
  • 5762 Cannot register the third disk with a VirtualBox image
  • 5756 New users, the defaukt country is: Abkhasia
  • 5754 opening the Dashboard > Generations page first shows progress bar for all publications
  • 5752 Number of MySoftware components not properly refreshed in the UI
  • 5750 Number of Appliance not properly refreshed in the UI
  • 5748 The diskusage of “uforge user quota list” is displayed by byte
  • 5684 Invite the same user in the collaboration members list does not show error message
  • 5676 Duplicated variable in /etc/default/grub if distribution provides default values.
  • 5647 Keyboard and kernel parameters are not taken into the scan report on CentOS 7 scan.
  • 5635 Broken incremental scan for windows 2012R2
  • 5627 Cancelling scan via ctrl+c is not correctly displayed in the UI
  • 5625 uforge-scan does not respect bandwidth limit
  • 5623 When the image of CentOS7 is generated, RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS import read fails
  • 5621 rpmgen fails to build package if file path in %file includes space.
  • 5570 Impossible to delete an incremental scan
  • 5562 UForge CLI accesses to interactive mode even if the user or password are wrong
  • 5560 The input value of the activation key is not saved in a Windows appliance
  • 5342 Scan incremental with Ubuntu does not appear in UI
  • 5265 No dialog box displayed after running an instance on Azure


Release Date: 2016-10-31

New Features

  • Import/Export of appliance templates in the user interface
  • Software (MySoftware) and Project bundles now consolidated. New features added including:
    • pulling files from remote locations (HTTP, FTP endpoints) so the user no longer requires to upload software components to the platform
    • pulling files can be cached for future generations or pulled on each generation
    • file permissions added for files and directories
    • can create directory structures in a software bundle
    • can add tagging information to a software bundle
    • can add native packages from OS respositories to a software bundle
    • can add boot scripts to a software bundle
    • identify the software bundle only being supported on a subset of operating systems
  • API keys can be used for authentication when running a scan for migration.
  • Scan messages and error messages cleaned up and more understandable
  • Japanese language localization for the UI

Bug Fixes

  • 5293 Image generation error: Windows image must have at least 512 MB of memory
  • 5729 Issues with migration from 3.5.1. to 3.6
  • 5465 Build fails due to unreachable rpm-4.11.2.tar.bz2
  • 5740 Fix DB schema checks
  • 5331 AWS publish no longer works
  • 5637 Windows generation from scan fails at boot
  • 5427 Unable to generate a virtual machine with LVM inside a MSDOS disk
  • 5291 All combo boxes are empty when a value has been selected
  • 5876 Logo broken on Dashboard
  • 5444 Unable to populate Fedora/RHEL distributions
  • 5420 When a template is remobed from a workspace, a DELETE error appears in the log file
  • 5527 Subscription info does not list the frequency of quotas
  • 5494 Scan fails because of files of type c (character device file)
  • 5483 The service command not found in a machine generated by UForge
  • 5442 The file deletion of Project fails
  • 5429 Root can disable root account in UForge CLI
  • 5746 Timeout of 10 seconds for the UForge CLI is not usable
  • 5563 Internal error in Migration tab
  • 5558 500 Call Fail Error when generating an image from scan
  • 5556 The targetformat of Amazon is not displayed when generating an image
  • 5553 If a scan is deleted, the image generated from the same scan is not deleted
  • 5551 Spelling mistake in UI when publishing to Flexiant
  • 5549 The error of Keystone version is displayed in Keystone Server URL
  • 5403 Scan fails when trying to rebuild a non repo package