Holds the information of one category available on the platform. Categories are used to classify appliance templates into groups. A category may have child categories, allowing an administrator to create more complicated taxonomy


The list of attributes for category are:

  • name (string): the category name (displayed name)
  • orgUri (anyURI): the uri resource of the organization this category is registered to
  • subCategories: the list of sub categories (list of category objects)
  • subCategoryUri (anyURI): the uri resource to get all the sub-categories
  • uri (anyURI): the uri of this category
  • type: the category type
  • created (dateTime): the created date of the object
  • dbId (long): the database id of the object
  • digest (string): the digest value (used for etag)
  • lastModified (dateTime): the last modified date of this object