Release Date: 2016-10-31

New Features

  • Import/Export of appliance templates in the user interface

  • Software (MySoftware) and Project bundles now consolidated. New features added including:
    • pulling files from remote locations (HTTP, FTP endpoints) so the user no longer requires to upload software components to the platform
    • pulling files can be cached for future generations or pulled on each generation
    • file permissions added for files and directories
    • can create directory structures in a software bundle
    • can add tagging information to a software bundle
    • can add native packages from OS respositories to a software bundle
    • can add boot scripts to a software bundle
    • identify the software bundle only being supported on a subset of operating systems
  • API keys can be used for authentication when running a scan for migration.

  • Scan messages and error messages cleaned up and more understandable

  • Japanese language localization for the UI

Bug Fixes

  • 5293 Image generation error: Windows image must have at least 512 MB of memory
  • 5729 Issues with migration from 3.5.1. to 3.6
  • 5465 Build fails due to unreachable rpm-4.11.2.tar.bz2
  • 5740 Fix DB schema checks
  • 5331 AWS publish no longer works
  • 5637 Windows generation from scan fails at boot
  • 5427 Unable to generate a virtual machine with LVM inside a MSDOS disk
  • 5291 All combo boxes are empty when a value has been selected
  • 5876 Logo broken on Dashboard
  • 5444 Unable to populate Fedora/RHEL distributions
  • 5420 When a template is remobed from a workspace, a DELETE error appears in the log file
  • 5527 Subscription info does not list the frequency of quotas
  • 5494 Scan fails because of files of type c (character device file)
  • 5483 The service command not found in a machine generated by UForge
  • 5442 The file deletion of Project fails
  • 5429 Root can disable root account in UForge CLI
  • 5746 Timeout of 10 seconds for the UForge CLI is not usable
  • 5563 Internal error in Migration tab
  • 5558 500 Call Fail Error when generating an image from scan
  • 5556 The targetformat of Amazon is not displayed when generating an image
  • 5553 If a scan is deleted, the image generated from the same scan is not deleted
  • 5551 Spelling mistake in UI when publishing to Flexiant
  • 5549 The error of Keystone version is displayed in Keystone Server URL
  • 5403 Scan fails when trying to rebuild a non repo package