Modifying an Appliance Template

You can modify and update appliances that are in your library, including ones that have been imported.

To modify an appliance template:

  1. Click on the appliance template to modify.

  2. From the Overview page you can add or change the logo, modify the name, version or description.

  3. On the Stack page, you will notice the appliance toolbox on the left-hand side.


The toolbox allows you to define the five key elements of an appliance, namely:

  • Install Profile – to customize the questions asked when the image is booted for the very first time (or during installation for an ISO image). It also allows you to customize the disk size and partitioning. For more information see Updating the Install Profile.
  • OS Profile – (mandatory) to choose the operating system packages that are to be used for the appliance. For more information, see Managing the OS Profile. Note that the OS Profile cannot be modified for Windows-based appliances. Refer to Modifying a Windows-based Appliance.
  • Projects – to access the UForge Project Catalog. This catalog provides a set of commonly used 3rd party software components when building appliances. The Project Catalog is maintained by the UForge administrator. To add software from the Project Catalog to an application, see Adding Software from the Project Catalog
  • My Software – to add to the appliance any software components that you have uploaded. This is also where you can use the Overlay features to manage where the files are installed during generation, if UForge should unzip archives as part of the generation, and set if UForge should on the contrary not install native OS packages. For more information, see Adding Software from Your Software Library
  • Configuration – to add boot scripts to configure the appliance after provisioning. For more information, see Managing Configuration