Managing Workspace Members

Inviting Members to Your Workspace

Once you have created a workspace, you can invite users to it. By inviting users, they will be able to view appliance templates you have added to the workspace, and depending upon their access rights share their appliance templates.

To invite users to your workspace:

  1. Go to the Members page of the Collaboration tab.

  2. Click on invite in the top right.

  3. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to your workspace. If the email you specify is not recognized by UForge AppCenter, you will be prompted to invite them to join the platform.

  4. You can modify the invitation message. This message will be included in the email inviting members to join your workspace.

  5. Click invite.

Managing Member Access Rights

Once a user has joined your workspace, you (or another workspace administrator) can modify their status. By default, when users accept your invitation and join your workspace they will be collaborators.

Members of a workspace are either:

  • Guest. A guest can read and post to the activity stream, and import appliances into their private appliance library.
  • Collaborator. The collaborator has the same basic rights as the Guest, but can also share appliances.
  • Administrator. This is generally the user who has created the workspace. There must be at least one administrator in a workspace, though there can be more. The administrator can invite or delete members and is able to delete a workspace. The administrator has all the same basic rights as the collaborator.

Deleting a Member

If you are a workspace administrator, you can delete any member of the workspace simply by going to the Members page and clicking the small symbol to the right of the member’s name and info.