There are a number of quotas that can be set on a UForge account. For example, a free account has the following limitations:

Quotas can be set for the following:

  • Disk usage: diskusage in bytes (includes storage of bundle uploads, bootscripts, image generations, scans)
  • Templates: number of templates created
  • Generations: number of machine images generated
  • Scans: number of scans for migration

To view the quotas that have been set on your account, run quota list:

$ hammr quota list
Getting quotas for [root] ...
Scans (25)                --------------------UNLIMITED---------------------
Templates (26)            --------------------UNLIMITED---------------------
Generations (72/100)      ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||--------------
Disk usage (30GB)         --------------------UNLIMITED---------------------

The output not only lists any quotas that are set, but it also shows you the limit you are at, even if your account is set to unlimited.