Growable Partitions

Physical and logical partitions can be marked as growable by using the grow flag. This declares that the particular partition takes all remaining disk space available after the other partition sizes have been satisfied.

You can only declare one physical partition to be growable in a disk, and one logical partition to be growable for a physical partition.


In this example we mark the “space” physical partition as growable, i.e. the “space” partition takes up the rest of the disk (rather than us having to calculate the space left after creating the first two partitions). We must specify though a size for the “space” partition (the minimum partition size is 64MB).

  - name: sda
        type: msdos
        size: 20480
        - number: 1
          fstype: ext3
          size: 2048
          mountPoint: "/boot"
        - number: 2
          fstype: linux-swap
          size: 1024
        - number: 3
          fstype: ext3
          size: 64
          grow: true
          label: space
          mountPoint: "/space"

If you are using JSON:

        "partitioning": {
            "disks": [
                "name": "sda",
                "type": "msdos",
                "size": 20480,
                "partitions": [
                    "number": 1,
                    "fstype": "ext3",
                    "size": 2048,
                    "mountPoint": "/boot"
                    "number": 2,
                    "fstype": "linux-swap",
                    "size": 1024
                    "number": 3,
                    "fstype": "ext3",
                    "size": 64,
                    "grow": true,
                    "label": "space",
                    "mountPoint": "/space"