To use hammr, you require to install it on the machine you wish to run it. Hammr is based on python, and is supported all major operating systems. The easiest way to install hammr is using pip the widely used package management system for installing and managing software packages written in python.

Installing pip

If you already have pip installed on your system, you can skip this step.

To install or upgrade pip, download

Now run the command:

$ python

For more information on installing pip, please refer to the official pip documentation:

Installing Hammr

Once pip has been installed, you can now install the hammr packages (note, you may have to run this command as sudo or administrator).


A version of Hammr is compatible with only one version of UForge. To see the compatibility table, go to Install Compatibility section.


You can only have one version of Hammr installedon your system.

Please refer to the installation instructions depending upon your desktop type: