logical volumes

Within a partitioning section, the logicalVolumes sub-section describes the way a volume group should be partitioned.

The definition of a logicalVolumes section when using YAML is:

- # the list of logical volumes goes here.

If you are using JSON:

"disks": [
    ...the list of logical volumes goes here.

The valid keys to use within a logical volume are:

  • fstype (mandatory): a string providing the filesystem type. See below for valid values.
  • grow (optional): a boolean marking this volume (partition) as growable. When a volume is growable it will take any available space remaining in the volume group after all the other volumes catered for. You can only have 1 growable partition in the logical volume.
  • label (optional): a string providing a label for this volume
  • mountPoint (mandatory): a string providing the mount point of the volume.
  • name (mandatory): a string providing the name of the volume.
  • size (mandatory): an integer providing the size of the volume. Note that the sum of all the volumes cannot be greater than the total size provided in the volumeGroups.
  • vg_name (mandatory): a string providing the name of the volume group this logical volume is using

Available Filesystem Types

The following are valid filesystem types used with the fstype key:

  • Extended
  • ext2
  • ext3
  • ext4
  • NTFS
  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • jfs
  • linux-swap
  • lvm2
  • unformated
  • xfs